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Printing Surveys with Opinio

Printing surveys through the "publish survey" page.

If there is ever an occasion in which you have to print out your survey, Opinios functionality makes it an extremely simple task. Below is a concise guideline on how to print out a survey. Before continuing, be sure that the survey has been reviewed either by its creator or a colleague. Typos can lead to devastating conclusions in physical surveys.

  • Once the survey has been fully completed and reviewed, proceed to the "Publish Survey" link located at the survey menu.
  • At the next screen, you will see a link labeled "Print survey." Proceed to click on it. This will bring you to the general layout page.
  • In the "General Layout" page you can customize your surveys print option in this menu. When your preferences have been set to your desired specifications, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Get PDF."
  • By clicking "Get PDF" it will automatically save a PDF version of your survey to be printed out. For additional reference, the hierarchy path to Print Survey is Survey Home > Publish Survey > Print Survey

If you believe this guide is missing something, or failed to answer your question(s) feel free to submit a ticket to voice your concerns.