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Esurvey Uses

Esurvey has been used for:
  • conducting research
  • gathering customer feedback
  • measuring employee satisfaction
  • service evaluations
  • product evaluations
  • online tests
  • event invitations
  • polls
  • conducting University elections.

Its usage is up to you.

Esurvey Benefits

Esurvey has many benefits over commercial services. Esurvey has a UNM address, HTTPS security,  and survey data is secured in UNM's Oracle datastore.  There are currently no service fees.  Esurvey has a full range of question types, branching surveys, ability to display and upload images and multi-media files, multi-user and collaboration support, multilingual survey support, with a variety of access and invitation options ranging from anonymous to secure with passwords. Esurvey is also integrated into UNM's NetID system.  It has built-in tools for survey administration and real-time reporting and data inspection, ability to drill down in reports to reveal details as well as export to Excel or SPSS for further analysis.

Application Availability


Consulting/Support Availability

Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.