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Esurvey Terms & Condtions

Human Participant Research

Contact the Human Research Protections Office for guidelines on studies with human participants.

Terms of Use

Esurvey is provided free of charge by the IT department to UNM faculty, staff, and students. When you use esurvey, you agree to UNM Acceptable Computer Use policy.

Mass Electronic Mailing

Esurvey is NOT intended to be used for mass email. In fact, mass email, particularly anything that could be considered SPAM, is strongly discouraged. See section 3.3 (Other Misuse) on the UNM Acceptable Computer Use policy webpage for more information about mass emailing.

Personally Identifiable Data and Security of Electronic Administrative Information

FERPA Policy established the University rules for compliance with federal regulations that protect personally identifiable data such as names, social security numbers, and related information. Policy 5.10 concerns Security of Electronic Administrative Information. Get more information on FERPA.