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New Esurvey Support Team Location

May 19, 2016

The Opinio support team has relocated to a new building. The new location is:

1841 Lomas Boulevard, NE
2nd floor Building 203 (NW Corner of Lomas and Yale)

For mailing purposes, please continue to use the original contact information:

MSC02 1520
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

If any additional assistance is required for finding our new office, please refer to the request service page and fill out a Help.UNM ticket.

Esurvey6 Migration

August 28, 2012

We are pleased to announce that the newly upgraded Opinio 6.6.1 esurvey application, running on a new 64 bit platform, is ready for use on What this means to you is:

  • Better support
  • Better performance
  • Easy to remember URL:
  • Application bug fixes, improvements, and added functionality

Complete these five easy steps to start using the new Opinio platform:

  1. Login to and make sure your folder is available (If you can't login call IT Support at 277-5757 and submit a Help.UNM ticket for a new Opinio account)
  2. In another browser window, login to and back-up (Export) your surveys and resources to an alternate location such as a flash drive, an external storage device, or to network
  3. Import relevant surveys and resources into the new 64-bit platform, i.e.,
  4. Test any surveys that you wish to republish on the new server.
  5. Complete your move by October 31, 2012

LDAP Authorization Plugin Upgrade

June 23, 2011

The LDAP Authorization Plugin has been added to esurvey. Details on the new version can be found at Opinio changelog . One of the highlights, is that you can add calculations to numeric fields in a matrix. You can also perform calculations across multiple questions.

The new LDAP Authorization Plugin will allow survey administrators to control whether or not a respondent needs an invitation (in addition to logging in with a NetID) to respond to a survey. It will also restrict multiple responses per survey based on NetID login. Both of these options were previously only available globally.

Please contact the IT Customer Support Services with questions at 277-5757.

Plugin News

June 23, 2011

Two new plugins have been added to Esurvey. They are both text validators for the Open Ended question type. The "Free text required validator" checks to see if any text has been entered into the open ended question. The "Free text validator" checks to see if the text entered into the open ended question is under certain length. Both are essential to the "open-ended question" format.

Esurvey has the Interviewer Plugin installed allowing the use of the Opinio Mobile App. You can conduct mobile surveys, field interviews, on-site data collections, and face-to-face market research using your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

The Interviewer is intended to be used by survey owners and not respondents. All your surveys are available on your mobile device and data is transferred in real time, error free. The app is available at iTunes.

Please note these two very important points:

  1. In "Settings" on the mobile device, when asked for the Address (URL) of the Opinio server you must enter "" in order to connect.
  2. Important: If you have made modifications to your Opinio survey and are using the Opinio Mobile App in an offline survey, i.e., no available Internet connectivity for your mobile device, then it is of vital importance that you reconnect online to the survey just before taking the Interviewer to the field, or that you refrain from making any survey modifications before deploying i-Devices to collect data.

Esurvey now has the Quiz Plugin. When a respondent completes a survey, the Quiz-plugin computes a score based on the number of correct answers, and the importance (weight) of each question. The survey administrator will be able to define the question weights and score ranges, as well as provide the correct answer. In addition to a score, a detailed report on the responses to all questions will be generated and displayed in the "thank-you note," and optionally sent by email to the survey administrator or other email recipients.

Password Warning

June 23, 2011

Passwords with any special characters other than _ (underscore) and # (pound sign) will cause a login failure with Opinio, even though the password may still work with The forbidden characters are as follows:

@   "at symbol"
$  "dollar symbol "
%  "per cent symbol"
^  "up carat"
&  "ampersand"
*  "asterik"
,  "comma"
<   "less than symbol"
=   "equal sign"
>   "greater than symbol"
+   "plus symbol"