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Known Issues

Please Note:

 Don't forget to backup your surveys! Once surveys, or survey responses are deleted the data is unrecoverable. We recommend that you use the export feature of Opinio to export your surveys with data and reports included. Be sure to store it on your hard drive or another alternative form of safe remote storage. Since the exported survey with the data will be sent to your email address as an attachment, it is ideal to save those emails as an additional backup. If your data is sensitive, we encourage you to use some method of encryption. If it is mission critical, then off-site storage is highly recommended.

Acknowledged Bugs

May 25th, 2016

Opinio problems with uncleared browser cache: We highly recommend that users consistently clear their browser cache, on a regular basis, when developing surveys, as it has been known to cause issues with Opinio. An uncleared cache recycles old browser data and may cause page navigation problems.

Limited memory with Matrix questions: The use of dense matrix questions, that contain many cells, has been known to consume large amounts of Opinios allocated memory. This can lead to multiple errors in which changes to surveys will not save, as well as cause errors in page navigation.

Spaces in the URL: If you have a survey question that contains a link that redirects to an image, replace any spaces within the URL/Link with "%20" as spaces in the URL may cause an error in the PDF report.

"Finish" button appears before the end of the survey: One of our esurvey users reported a bug in which the finish button appeared in the middle of her survey. The reason for this was that she initially setup "Include" branching, then added additional questions after her branching was set up. Please remember to start branching AFTER all questions are entered into your survey.

Password Warning : Please note that the only special characters allowed in an Opinio password are the"_", "!", and the "#". Aᅠ password with special characters other than the _ and the # will work for other NetID-related authentications, such as, but it will not work with Opinio. Any other special characters will cause an Opinio login failure. These forbidden special characters include the following: <, =, >, @, $, %, ^, &, *, (, ), -, and +.