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How do I Customize the Look and Feel of My Survey?

The look and feel section of Opinio surveys are very customizable. The method you choose to customize your survey may depend on how long the survey is and what you want the survey to look like.

In most cases, changing the color scheme and adding a header to the survey is as much as people want to do. This can be done in the 'Look and feel' section of the survey. From the main "Look and feel" screen, you may also modify the width of your survey, how many columns your questions appear in, if there is a progress bar and custom fonts. Generally, the controls in the 'Look and feel' section control the global look and feel of your survey (all pages/sections change with the newly selected layout).

To make smaller, more specific changes, you may want to use the question editor. For example, bolding a word in a question should be done using the question editor. But if you want to make all your questions bold, the best solution is to modify the CSS for your survey to make all of the questions bold. Which method you choose may depend on the length of your survey. Check out the HTML and CSS tutorials listed at the Links page, if you are interested. Please also see this example survey, it lists the classes of various elements in the survey.

To determine what would be the best method for you, request service with IT Customer Support, and the Opinio support team will get right back to you.