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How to Edit a Matrix Question

As always, there's more than one way to edit things. Please use this document as a cheat sheet for what those icons do/mean.

What a typical matrix looks like (below).

matrix sample image

  1. These tabs allow you to select the type of response in your survey question.
  2. This option allows you to set the amount of columns for your matrix.
  3. This option allows you to set the amount of rows for your matrix.
  4. This option sets the number of matrix rows that will be visible to the respondent.
  5. The following icons allow you to:
    green plus symbol add a column or row,
    red ex symbol delete a column or row,
    pencil image quick edit all of the cells in that row or column.
  6. Click on the link to edit the matrix type
  7. Tells you what cells are part of the cell groups, which is important in the type of matrix question you are asking.