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Why can't I get Branching to work?

If you move questions after you create the branch conditions, you may end up with conditions that are not valid and you may get an unexpected result. If you for instance have a question (#1) filtering out the next question (#2) and then move the question number one so it becomes number three, you now have a condition on the second question that filters out a question that has already been shown. It can be hard to detect such a non valid condition as the filtered question is not shown when viewing the condition (only questions after the current are displayed).

The rule of thumb is to create the conditions last, after all the questions are made and the structure of the survey is determined. Questions filtered out with branch conditions should be on survey pages following the questions containing branching conditions.

Another reason for branching not working is you may have chosen the wrong branching type. Esurvey allows you to choose one type of branching per survey — either include branching or exclude branching.

Often if the type of branching or the number and/or order of questions is changed after branching has been created, Esurvey will post an error message alerting your of invalid filters or branches. Often this error message is wrong, but test your survey in "Preview Survey" as a precaution.