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How do I Publish my Survey?

Before Publishing your survey

Have you tested your survey yet? If not, please take your own survey and consider recruiting colleagues to take it alongside with you. The more complex your survey is the more crucial survey testing is. If you have included branching in your survey, make sure to test each branch and make sure it performs correctly. If you have any piping in your survey, make sure that it is presenting the correct data.

Thoroughly testing your survey, will save you from future complications

Options for publishing

There are many ways to publish/release a survey. Please refer to the chart below as an overview. The top row signifies what is to be expected from each method of publishing.

MethodEasyTrack CompletionRequire PasswordAuto-RemindersRequire UNM NetID PasswordManage Respondents
Survey link distribution via personal email     
Survey distribution using Opinio functionality (Invitations) 
Send out invite via NetID/LDAP import 
Post survey URL to website     
Perform telephone interviews     

Select the one that best fulfills your survey or election needs. Feel free to contact us for guidance on which method you should use to publish your survey.

Read more about how to implement invitations.